NHS Orthodontic Treatments

Initial examination and assessment is available on the NHS for all patients under the age of 18.

Orthodontic treatment for patients over 18 years of age is only provided under private contract.

Limits on NHS orthodontic treatment

All dentists and orthodontic specialists in England must have a contract with their Primary Care Trust in order to be able to provide an NHS service to their patients and these are carefully regulated to ensure quality, compliance and value.

The Primary Care Trust is responsible for deciding what NHS treatment should be available in their area and for funding.  However every patient has the right to an orthodontic assessment by a specialist.

In order to justify NHS funding, there must be a definite benefit to the treatment in terms of improving dental health or appearance.  Therefore, every patient is carefully assessed and many different aspects of the dental alignment and occlusion are scored in order to determine the need for treatment.  This is perfectly reasonable and ensures that the limited NHS funds are directed towards the children that will benefit most from treatment.  If it is judged that the problem is not severe enough to justify NHS treatment but the child still wishes to receive treatment to improve the dental appearance, they are perfectly entitled to fund this themselves privately and we will be happy to discuss options.

We are justifiably proud of our very high standards of care and the excellent treatment results achieved for NHS treatments in our practices. 

All our patients benefit from:

  • the huge amount of skill, experience and knowledge within our orthodontic teams;
  • our growing range of state of the art equipment;
  • the ongoing, research and audits undertaken in our centres to constantly improve on our results; and
  • the latest orthodontic materials and techniques

Please note that we do charge patients for any lost appliances, although some repairs to damaged appliances may be covered by the NHS.