Bristol Orthodontics - Kingswood 


Bristol Orthodontics - Kingswood opened in 1999 as a model 'paperless' practice, almost unique at the time.  This means all records and clinical details are stored electronically which is very efficient and hygienic.  We continue to make use of the latest technologies such as digital radiography (computerised X-Ray machines) and our main treatment area is completely open plan and modern. Three Specialist Orthodontists work at Bristol Orthodontics - Kingswood and are assisted by our large team of Orthodontic Nurses, Orthodontic Therapists, Receptionists and a Practice Manager.



The reception area is your first point of contact with the practice. It is fully computerised and staffed at most times by at least two receptionists. They are responsible for checking you in and out of the practice, making appointments and taking telephone enquiries.


Once you have checked in with a receptionist, if your orthodontist is not available to see you immediately, there is a comfortable and welcoming patient lounge in which you can relax.

Treatment areas

This is one of the six treatment areas in the practice. The equipment is all very new and the minimalist design helps make it easy to keep clean and tidy. Each chair is fully computerised and the area is climate controlled.

During a busy session, all treatment areas may be in use. This is to allow the nurses adequate time to thoroughly clean and disinfect each area in between patients.

X-Ray Room

As part of the orthodontic examination, it is often necessary to take radiographs (X-Rays). We have very modern machines to enable us to take the best possible images. The X-Ray room and our procedures are carefully designed for your maximum protection against unnecessary exposure to radiation. We also take care to send copies of our X-Rays to your dentist to avoid the need for unnecessary duplication.

Sterilisation Room

The sterilisation room is where the instruments are cleaned and sterilised. We use as many disposable items as possible at each treatment for the protection of all our patients, but any instruments we have to re-use are sterilised at 134°C every time they are touched. This ensures that there is no risk of cross-infection between patients.